Programmed Service Agreement

With an HVAC PSA (Programmed Service Agreement) in place, your business can avoid expensive emergency situations due to oversight. We will create a customized service schedule for your facility based on your needs to ensure your system is fully functional and clean.

  • Programmed inspections using a 26 to 59 point check list depending on your model
  • Guaranteed 4 hour or less response time to emergency service calls
  • Reduced equipment operating costs
  • Extend the life of your HVAC equipment by 20% or more
  • Engineering support and complimentary training of your staff
  • Reduced allergens and increased air quality
  • Energy savings of 5-20%

A Clean HVAC System is a Long Lasting, Energy Efficient System

Consider the story of a facilities manager who took over at a local private school. He decided to cancel the school’s existing $10,000 per month full service maintenance program (all repair and parts costs covered) in order to save money. Was this the right move? Yes, but not for the reason you may guess. With that type of contract, the HVAC company was simply band-aiding old equipment instead of making desperately needed replacements. Once he found a new service contractor (TMC) that tailored his maintenance agreement based on the age of the equipment, he saved tens of thousands of dollars, allowing the school to allocate money for the replacement of old units. By the second year, utility bills dropped an average of 25% across campus.