Other Science, Tech & Pharmaceuticals Projects

Science, Tech & Pharmaceuticals Price Unique Features
Allied Health Center and Lab $$ HVAC & Plumbing
Atlanta International School Art Science Design Center $$
Crawford Long School of Nursing $ HVAC
Elan Pharmaceuticals $ Interior Plumbing
Emory University | O. Wayne Rollins Lab $
Emory Oxford Science Bldg $$ Plumbing, Science lab equipment, High Pressure Gases, Pure Water System
Ft. Gillem | Criminal Investigation Lab $$$$ HVAC, Plumbing and Medical Gas
Ft. Gillem | Medical & Training Facility $$$ HVAC & Plumbing
Georgia Tech | MSE Lab $ HVAC & Plumbing
Georgia Tech |Carbon Neutral Energy Solutions Lab Shock Tube Fit Out $ High pressure process gasses
Lockheed Martin MOC
Orr Candler Medical Office Building $ Plumbing, HVAC, and Medical Gas
South Atlanta High School $$ Plumbing
University of West Georgia Nursing Building $$ HVAC & Plumbing
West Georgia College Center and Lab $$$ HVAC & Plumbing
Westlake High School $$ Plumbing